Real Estate Resource

When you are looking to buy or sell real estate, what are the 5 most important areas to give attention to? There are a lot of home resources available that can give helpful advice when the time comes to buy or sell. However, we have compiled these top 5 areas to make sure you don’t spend your time focusing on the wrong things.

  1. Homes with beautiful kitchens

Remember, it’s not always the size of the kitchen that matters as much as it is the quality. If the cabinets are old they can be refinished, stained, and have the handles replaced. Appliances should be black or stainless steel if possible, and make sure they are clean. Flooring and lighting set the overall atmosphere, so make sure they are modern and not dated.

Here are a few examples of good kitchen remodels:

  1. Condos and Town Homes / Neighbors

Condos for sale will always have neighbors. The same is true for town homes for sale. Make sure you do your homework on the surrounding owners or tenant and get their opinion of the overall experience living there. Many times you may find that location is not everything. Although the views of the beach and not having to mow the grass can be a plus, the extra details always make the difference.

Here’s a great look at beach condos –


  1. Homeowners Insurance

If you are a buyer, you need to pay attention to what the estimated home owners insurance is. Although location is a huge plus, it may also result in a large monthly payment. If the property is on the river or on the beach, there is a lot of room for competition. Shop around, and you’ll be able to reduce your monthly expenses.


  1. Flooring, Fans, and Finishings

Everything doesn’t have to be new, but it certainly needs to work. Having modern colors, clean floors and surfaces will change any environment. Fans can transform a room, and they don’t have to be extravagant either. Simply, just put a little thought into how each room makes you feel, and don’t lose sight of potential.


  1. Homes for rent

Always keep in mind that you may one day rent that house you are buying, or instead of selling you may consider renting your home. Consider functionality and overall value of the home. Don’t cut corners on the simple or big things. If you were living in a rental home you would want the owner to fix even the smaller details. Be good to yourself and don’t overlook or minimalize those things.

Here are some additional resources we have compiled for you. Owning real estate is one of the greatest investments you will make in life. Getting good mortgage rates, creating home equity, and the overall value of your property is worth the time and commitment for you and your family.